Upgrade To Windows 10 Or Stay With Windows 7

Does Windows 10 Have The Right Stuff?

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The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is a big improvement over Windows 8, so everyone who was using Windows 8 literally stampeded to convert to Windows 10. However, there continue to be some lingering doubts for those using Windows 7. This includes a significant number of owners of commercial network configurations and professional developers. These computer systems are often classified as more "work horse" than casual user machines. As such the owners often don't utilize the upgraded user interface (UI) features, so they tend to feel the upgrade is not worth the effort.

Windows 10 Pricing

Microsoft was offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, however that offer expired on July 29, 2016. If you are still using Windows 7, you will no longer receive those irritating messages reminding you to upgrade. Windows 10 Home version is available directly from Microsoft at a price of $119.99 and Windows Pro is priced at $199.99. However, there are always sales at various outlets including Amazon.com, Office Depot, and other vendors that drive those prices down considerably. On August 2nd, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Anniversary update, adding more stability and improved features. Windows 10 is now a very robust OS with plenty of muscle.

Purchasing Windows 10 is Step One. Installing is Step Two. For some, that second step is a bit daunting. If you feel the installation might be a bit beyond your comfort level, call us at 360-823-8880.

Windows 10 Upgrades

Some of the updates in the Anniversary Edition are significant and may be compelling enough to convince skeptics to micgrate into the Windows 10 camp.

The most practical update to Windows 10 is the Edge browser which now includes extensions as do the Firefox and Chrome browsers. This means the Edge browser can be customized, making it a contender in the browser wars. Edge is also a very fast browser, so it does compete well in speed competition. Edge is also getting Windows Hello support, which means newer devices with fingerprint scanners and facial recognition hardware will be able to log you into a website without having to use a password. Before it is usable, however, the individual website must enable the feature.

The personal assistant Cortana received a large upgrade, adding many new commands and ability to ask questions about topics like flight meetings, airline flight information, or other questions directly from the Windows 10 lock screen, without logging in.

Microsoft TV ads feature stylus and finger drawings using Windows 10 and here's how that's possible. The Windows 10 upgrade includes a new Ink API, which is great if you are a developer using the stylus to create drawings directly into their apps. All this is possible without programming handwriting and other algorithms. There are many more features available here, however, unless you are a developer, this is a bit tedious.


If you're still not sure, feel free to call us at 360-823-8880 so we can help you in choosing the right operating system for your needs.

One important area where Windows 10 compares favorably to Windows 7 is that Windows 10 comes with significant performance upgrades.

Primary among these is the all-important boot up time, which is much much faster. Also, there is significant hardware acceleration and many other small improvements in the navigation areas. The power management is now better too, which means the mobile device battery life is Ionger.

Overall the performance in Windows 10 is better than Windows 7. One note of caution; not all software can utilize performance updates. Older software tends to run more slowly despite any attempts to add better or more additional hardware features.


Windows 8 was a big change in styling from Windows 7, with its flat windows and uniquely bold colors while Windows 7 used 3D-style icons and with rounded corners and transparent windows. One really interesting side note: Microsoft was actually unaware how many people really disliked the transparent window until they replaced it.

Windows 10 continues to morph from Windows 8 and Windows 7 with more flat bold styles for desktop icons. Some of the old features, like the Control Panel interface as well as the Computer Management screen continue to usethe old icon approach. Why mention Windows 8 at all, since it was one of Microsoft's lesser operating systems? Even though it was a minor blip for Microsoft, there were some few improvements so we can't totall ignore it. However, if you still using Windows 8, we highly recommend you migrate to Windows 10.

Best Looking Windows OS?

The winner here is up to individual taste. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no matter how hard a group of designers work at making something better, just because it's different doesn't make it lovely.

In terms of practicality, however, the new Windows 10 look does make the overall window screen small since there are no borders. The translucent look is no longer is gone and windows screens are more customizable. Most users like the squared icons since it has the look and feel of the new Smart Phones that people are purchasing daily. It seems the less "techy" computer users like the Windows 10 usability more than the more technical user. Since Microsoft's goal was to reclaim the baseline computer buyer, it appears they have accomplished their mission.

Need an upgrade? We can help you do it right. Contact us at 360-823-8880 today so we can get started right away.


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