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Avoid Virus Problems With A Few Simple Steps

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Top Tips For Computer Virus Prevention

Has your business every suffered through a computer virus infection? If you have, was it miserable or just a minor glitch. Either way it’s an annoyance and takes valuable time to remove a computer virus. Meanwhile, at least one, or perhaps all your business computers are completely locked up and your business and so is your business. So, what can you do to prevent computer viruses from ruining your business? If you aren’t sure what a virus is, scroll down this page for more information.

Virus avoidance is, was, and always will be a hot topic for discussion in the computer industry as long as computers continue to exist. Why? Because wherever there are “open systems” like the current computer configurations, there will always be people with malicious intent to do damage.

As a business owner, or simply as a computer owner, it is to your advantage to do everything possible to prevent virus infections from impacting your computers. It is much simpler to prevent a virus infiltration than to remove a virus infection from your computer.

Backup Your Computers

Backup all your important folders, files and software programs on a regular schedule. Place those backups on a backup hard drive that is independent and not connected to your main computer system. If he worst scenario occurs, you can get your computers up and functional again using those backup programs. This should also include your Operating System (OS) should you suffer that absolute worst case scenario. Initiate your backup plan the day you start your business if at all possible. If you do not have a backup plan, start one the minute you finish reading this article.

Do Not Download Files From Unknown Sites

Untrusted sites are a major source of computer viruses. The scenario is repeated every second of every day. You, or an employee goes to a website, find some information, downloads what appears to be a simple PDF or other offer, and boom! Suddenly your computer has an infected program. So, here’s a hint, always download any PDF, software, or information from an original supplier or a trusted website. If in doubt, send an email or phone the website to get more information and verify their legitimacy.

Avoid Opening Email Attachments

If you don’t know the sender, DO NOT open the email at all. Send it to your junk folder. Sending viruses through dubious email is the most common method of infecting a hard drive with a computer virus. This very often occurs when you receive an email attachment from a friend or business colleague who is forwarding an email that they received. Beware forwarded attachments. Simply do not open the email at all.

Disable Email Client Image Preview

Everyone wants to view images immediately, so this is a bit annoying. However, occasionally a virus is embedded into an image, then forwarded in an email. By disabling all your email client image preview feature, you will view images only in trusted email accounts.

Install An Anti-Malware Program

There are a number of specialty software programs that will look out for virus threats, remove those virus programs if it finds them, and offer the option for you run full system virus scans at any time and at a scheduled time.

Note: True Blue Assist can provide you with a high quality Anti-malware program installation. We are continuously testing Anti-malware software, seeking the best program at the most affordable pricing. You might be interested to know that the most expensive programs do not provide the best protection.

Install A Firewall

This is really the best way to defend your computers, particularly for your business computer network. Every business should use a firewall since a it will block any off site sources from inserting a virus onto your computer(s).

Update Your Operating System Regularly

Operating systems are the most important software on your computer although you never really “see” it. With the newer systems, like Windows 10, there is far greater complexity and more user interaction. This makes great demands on the operating systems, which makes them potentially more vulnerable to virus threats. The companies that create the operating systems are continuously updating them, so take advantage of these updates to ensure the best possible security.

Monitor Your Computers

Maintain a monitoring system for your computers to make certain firewalls are functional and all virus software is up and running. Also make certain the operating system updates are taking place properly.

Use Your Administrator Rights

The administrator rights will help you avoid any changes without the owner’s knowledge by making certain that the Admin Password is required whenever changes are made.

Pay Attention To Virus Warnings And Notifications

When your malware or anti virus software warns you of a potential virus infection, take that message seriously and review that warning to make certain you remove the offending file.

Keep Your IT People Informed

Make certain that you, and all employees observe any suspected virus infection make certain you contact the people in your IT department. If you do not have an IT department, contact your network maintenance company. Hint - If True Blue Assist is your network maintenance company we certainly want to know the absolute instant you think your computer has a computer infection. Your network professionals can remove the virus threat immediately.

Be Careful Removing A Virus

As always, take a planned and cautious approach to virus removal. You always want to maintain your files and programs without damages them, so follow directions you will receive from your malware removal software. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable attempting the virus remove process yourself, contact us at True Value Assist, 360-823-8800 for assistance in this critical procedure.

Are you having Virus issues? Or do you need Virus protection? We can help with virus removal and protection. Contact us at 360-823-8880 today so we can get started right away.


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