What You Should Know Before Hiring Computer Maintenance Services

Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask

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Education and Experience

Does the maintenance company have the training and skills? That's always the first question you should ask. You certainly don't want to turn over your critical computer systems to an untrained part-time person who will break your entire system. True Blue Assist owner, Robert Peltomaa, has an Associates Degree in IT Networking from Clark Community College, Vancouver, WA. Prior to that time he built and serviced computers in his home country of Sweden. He has also worked and managed a computer repair store in the local area where he built and repaired desktop and laptop computers as well as providing network services. True Blue Assist now has a large number of loyal satisfied compter repair clients as well as a growing number of IT network clients.

Response Time

Do they answer their phones promptly? When you call us at 360-823-8880, if you need to leave a message, we will return your call quickly. At True Blue Assist, we're available from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM for routine business calls and for emergencies almost any time, including weekends. Staying on schedule and arriving for appointments is also important. If we are delayed for any reason for a scheduled appointment, we will call you immediately. Sometimes emergencies occur, like traffic delays, or an emergency client situation; they happen to you, your clients, everybody. All we can say in advance is that we always attempt to do our best and that's our promise to you.

Handling Your Emergencies

Will your network and computer maintenance company be available for emergencies? Our answer to this question is yes, True Blue Assist will respond to your network emergency. First, let's make certain we all agree on what is truly an emergency. If you spill diet Coke on your gaming computer, it will require repair, however, that is not an emergency. If you have a network of 15 computers and you are shipping $2 million worth of inventory that will be picked up by a delivery service the next day and your network system goes down: now that is an emergency.

Our Response Time Policy is to get to you as rapidly as possible if you have an emergency! We also stay on schedule and, if you are scheduled for an appointment, and WE have an emergency situation (it does happen), we will contact you as soon as we know there is an issue to let you know.

Explaining Services

When discussing your computer system or network issues does the service technition give you alot of geek talk and expect you to sign on the line. Does he or she, make you feel ignorant just for asking a few basic questions, like how long with it take? We always make every effort to explain your situation as clearly as possible. Our technicians are trained to have the heart of a teacher and will take time to answer your questions and explain everything in simple terms.

Detailed Records

Will your netowrk maintenance company have technical personnel or other staff members who have knowledge or information about your network as backup in those instances when your assigned technition might be unavailable due to illness or vacation? Yes! True Blue Assist does maintain thorough and complete network documentation that is basically a computer network blueprint, plus updated records of each and every client account. By keeping these detailed records any of our technicians can work with your network if your primary technition is unavailable.

Accurate Invoicing

You deserve detailed invoices for the services provided to you. Do your bills for network services accurately explain the costs? At True Blue Assist, we will provide you with a well detailed invoice to show all aspects of your service including, what, why, when. We also double-check the invoices we send to you to ensure accuracy before they are sent to you. We think it is important for you that there is no guesswork in the billing process.


Find out if the computer maintenance company has proper Errors and Omissions (E and O) insurance. If they have employees, they should also have Worker's Compensation. This protects you in case of damage due to accident or if they create some kind of problem. Accidents do happen, so let's make certain you don't suffer financially. Yes, True Blue Assist has plenty of E and O insurance. Also, we've never had the need to use it. We want you to know that we maintain very high standards, so we follow strict safety policies to avoid problems.

Help And Assitance

Does the maintance company use an outsouce service for their help-desk? Is it outsourced to a third party or an overseas company? At True Blue Assist we provide our own help desk and make certain the trained staff assisting you are both friendly and helpful. This is an extremely important area of our customer service as well as a vitally important for maintaining your data security.

Time And Costs

Ask if the maintenance service company will stay on time and on budget. Routine services should be performed in a timely manner and at a fixed cost and should performed with a written contract. So make certain that the service company will agree to that arrangement. True Blue Assist will provide a custom maintenance program for you maintain your computer(s) and or network system. We will provide services within specified dates and at specified pricing. We do however, reserve the right to inform you of issues that are not "routine", such as breakage, or damages, or wear and tear that are above and beyond normal servicing. This is only reasonable and we know you will agree to this type of arrangement. We perform any services beyond the routine maintenance only after discussing the situation with you and with your approval.

Supporing Your Applications

Is the service company have some familiarity or experienc with your industry's business applications and/or your specific business applications. When we begin a relationship with business we assume ownershi of the issues, problems, and quirks with all line of business applications for that client. We don't imply that we can fix every piece of broken software, but we will work on your behalf as liason for you with the software vendor to correct prolems. It is our goal to ensure your software works properly and efficiently.

Define What Is Serviced

This question arises frequently after a business hires a network maintenance vendor, so it's always best to have this situation clarified prior to initiating a relationship. If (or when) your Internet service, printers, telephones, or other IT related services have problems, who is responsible for fixing the situation? Here is our response to this question: At True Blue Assist, we feel WE should be responsible for the problem for our clients for services that WE provide. One way to make sure all parties are aware of these responsibilities is to outline them point by point at the outset of the relationship. Each vendor you hire should have their reponsibilites well defined to make it simple for you when there are problems. Because you are paying for several services, we can help set up a a definitive line of responisibility for those services if you need one. Our goal here is to make certain you receive quick and proper service for every aspect of your technology services.

More Questions?

These are just some of the most important questions you need answered before hiring a network maintenance company. Do you have questions about your computer network maintenance? Please call us at 360-823-8880 so we can answer your questions and help you set up a Network Maintenance Plan that works for you.


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